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Having fun with the guys who ticks a few though Really interesting thread.

"It’s definitely something I’d be keen on - I love the dynamic of regular meets with a couple and building both the sexual and friendship side It’s a great feeling being out with a lady or having taken her to a club knowing the man is at home really excited about what’s happening Not that easy to find couples into this though I have to say Busty had 1 for nearly 12 months. She loves nothing better than multiple cocks at once "Busty had 1 for nearly 12 months. Alot say they want regular but you never see them again ""We’ve had this situation a couple of times, and are always looking for it again, problem is, it seems incredibly difficult to find on this site, and we think there are a couple of reasons for this!

For Tif to have this kind of relationship with a guy, there has to be chemistry, there needs to be flirting And sexual tension, exactly like dating, when no one is sure exactly what’s going to happen!

Problem with this site is, everyone already knows what the ultimate end-state is, and therefore seems to put less effort into sealing the deal believing it already sealed!!!

Shame as I’d hate been interested""We managed with lots of hard work on here.

She always ends up satisfied and with a big smile on here face. I’m relatively new to this am eager to explore my sexuality with a couple. Just come to ours maybe once or twice a month either have drinks at home with Sam and obviously take her too bed. Would even be good having a drink with the guy myself occasionally.

So much so that we are all friends and i play golf with hubby.

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