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It's dry and straddles the line between gourmand and sartorial, dark chocolate and a new wool scarf.In the very deep dry down, I was surprised by what was left: A textbook fougere accord.On all fronts this gets: 10/10 I finally got to try it (and the black-rimmed version too)! The first time I tried this scent, several years back, I was with my daughter and a woman I as dating at that time. I was just starting down the path of my fragrance obsession so they were not surprised when I took us off course to a small perfume shop on Disney property. The pronouncement of Anis's note in a blatant and aggressive manner, while exaggerating the sprinkles, his departure from a synaesthetic moment will become an obligatory ordeal which can not be avoided. All that said, I strongly discourage blind buys of this one unless you absolutely cannot find it anywhere.Surprisingly, as a dark chocolate fan, I found this to be a fresh patchouli-driven scent with noticable (but light) anise & supple powderiness (not exactly "cocoa"), not overly masculine, and yes, a classic; however, it doesn't strike me as that interesting, and whoever started comparing this to Dior Homme (a completely unrelated iris-centric scent) needs to stop the abominable trend—The truth is, neither is chocolatey! For me this is more the thinker, the traveller and spiritual kind of guy type of fragrance. I had read reviews of LIDGE, but had not tried it at that point. In this one I do not feel greenish chords at the exit, however, I feel a resinous nuance of Elemi that brings me to the fresh clay, something slightly sweet and dusty. The opening is such that it may not be worth the wait for you. I have this lingering suspicion that it will grow on me, or that smelling it up close is not the way to appreciate it.I cannot stress enough how tremendously important it is to give this fragrance another chance if you are among the people who don't understand cacao at first sniff!

At that time, both the black rimmed and clear rimmed bottles where available. Over the years I have worn this several times, but have not done a review of it, until now. Closing my eyes I can almost taste the delicious chocolate and fruit candy as it melts in my mouth.. About 20 minutes in I get some spice and earth tones as the star anise and patchouli start to emerge. A sparkling intro with fresh citrus & anise, followed by patchouli, creamy sandalwood, a dusting of cocoa, and soft-focused warm earthiness- this is definitely a masculine with those seamless transitions typical of a Guerlain. اگر پول خوبی خواستید بدید واسه یه عطر درجه یک سنگین و مجلسی برای خودتون و یا خرید هدیه ارزشمند برای آقای 35 به بالا، با اطمینان این رو انتخاب کنید. Also, it's Guerlain, which is often synonymous with quality. I don't care about the perfumer politics, of which Guerlain has a lot of in that regard. This scent is very classy, and honestly rather timeless, both ancient and modern. However this is for a mature, older guy in a suit, paired with a classy older woman.Here is my take on it: if you are in your twenties don't hesitate to wear this fragrance; it will simply show you are ahead of the curve and you appreciate the finer things in life.Remember- quality has no age and it will attract quality...(if you know what I mean ;) For much of the beginning, the interplay of cocoa, patchouli, and benzoin reminds me a lot of Chanel's Coromandel but the Guerlain remains distinct through its use of citrus and lavender (lavender is definitely present, note list be damned), which makes this scent a touch fresher and a bit more masculine though still effortlessly unisex.L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme is not too far off from sweet vanillic orientals and gourmand woody aromatics. Warm sandalwood & patchouli with citrus, anise, cocoa, and resin accents. It makes my day when a woman notices and compliments my cologne. The EDP jumps much more quickly to the amazing sophisticated cocoa patchouli drydown.I get a compliment on this almost every time I wear it. The projection of the EDT is wider while the longevity and the sillage are better in the EDP.It's a skin scent by this point but it's always a pleasure to see how modern perfumes are built on earlier innovations. First of all this Smells almost identical to the EDT vesrion but it is much more concentrated and with slightly less citruses in the opening.

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