Dating boyfriend in college


Aly Raisman’s boyfriend Jamie Mc Gill asked her to the Needham high school prom roughly four years ago.

Aly was training for the Olympics and not actually attending school with her classmates. The prom was held at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston and Aly wore a gold corsage to match Jamie’s gold vest and tie.

He continued playing the sport in college, at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont.

Jamie finished his senior year this spring and accomplished Commissioner’s Honor Roll on five separate occasions. Everyone wants to know if Jamie Mc Gill is still Aly Raisman’s boyfriend.

In the moments that followed Friday's verdict, as the courtroom's back rows full of reporters sent the news out to the world via their smartphones, Becky Kogut, the mother of victim Alexandra Kogut, tweeted out five poignant words: "Justice for my sweet baby." Now 22, Whittemore could be sentenced by state Supreme Court Justice Daniel Doyle to 25 years to life in prison at a hearing July 16.

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More specifically, she's dating a handsome older man who sells homes for a living.

While it was likely worth the eventual gold medal, that’s pretty crappy of her coach – can’t the girl enjoy her own damn prom night?

Aly later clarified in several media outlets that the pair were not actually dating.

That didn’t deter Jamie Mc Gill though, as he spelled out the word “Prom? Oh and also to match Aly’s eventual gold medals too.

Aly had to leave the prom early and miss out on the after-prom party in Cape Cod, on orders from her coach.

In the aftermath of the slaying, Whitney's mother Sandra Whitney founded the Purple Pinkie Charitable Foundation in Alexandra Kogut's honor to help raise awareness of dating violence.

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