Dating and marriage customs in thailand dating agencies in kerry


As a Westerner you would have to register your marriage for legal and visa application purposes.

The final procedure for a traditional Thai wedding is that the couple kneels on a small pedestal with clasped hands.

Do you fancy a colorful Traditional Thai wedding, a solemn Christian wedding, a mix of the two which can be done simultaneously, a ceremonious Chinese wedding or a fabulous Muslim wedding?

Whatever is your choice, you better read about the types of wedding in Thailand for your guidance.

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This is to symbolize her allegiance and respect of her husband.

A scared or holy thread is then twirled around the head of the bride and groom and unrolled into the monk’s hand.

Closest to the first monk there would be a bowl of water with a candle inside.

It is during this Buddhist ceremony that the couple has to pay homage to the ancestors of the bride.

During this ceremony the couple would wear just their ordinary clothing.

The monks would pray rest and then start to pray again.

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