Dating a sarcastic woman

People think they are heartless, emotionless, but they are mistaken. She isn’t one of those who’ll always have high expectations and will want you to fulfill it. When you don’t know her, she’ll seem introvert and boring but once you know her you’ll realize how much fun it is to be with her. She knows how to kick start a conversation and keep it interesting. She would be unpredictable, full of surprise, something that you won’t have expected from her. Giving justice to her strong-headed, ‘take no bullshit’ nature, she won’t be an easy catch.It’ll take days, months or probably years to get that one girl you love, but she won’t melt until she’s sure about your feeling and her feelings too. Though it is difficult to get her trust you but once she starts trusting you she would never spy on you like many girlfriends do.She is someone who will portray her feelings through sarcasm; she’ll show her affection for you in a way that will take you by surprise.She’s someone who would give thumbs down to public display you affection and would laugh on those who do it. She has a brain of her own, and it works when she needs to work.Strong – headed, takes no bullshit and loves being sarcastic – This is what comes in our mind when we think about a sarcastic girl. You either could just go in for an adventurous trip or try an adventurous or fun sport without the fear of anyone getting bored.According to this description, it seems that sarcastic girls can never fill the criteria of a good girlfriend. Sarcastic girls unlike the other girlfriends won’t be demanding and curious. She won’t only allow you to try adventurous thing, but she’ll join you too 4) It’s difficult to melt her.

You see, it turns out sarcastic women are better at dating and flirting.She’s not just someone who loves shopping, partying or those romantic conversations; she’s someone who can be of great help when you need it.She can suggest you things and help you take the important life changing decisions.She’s smart enough to catch any lie or any foul play to try doing to with her. She is not someone who’ll show her sadness, her happiness to everyone. She may be having the worst of problems in her personal life, but she knows how to put a brave front in front of everyone.10) And last but not the least; she’s a sensitive, affectionate and a loving lady.If you appreciate irony, say you want it to rain on your wedding day.

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