Cyber sex on line 1 on 1


Definition: of ”Cybersex”- in a general term is all pornographic issues relating to the Internet, visual or verbal in type.

It is where participants send messages back and forth describing pretend sexual activity with one another.

Many pictures or texts that have been downloaded and erased are still in the depths of your hard drive, waiting for someone to discover them accidentally.

Yet we know that our Heavenly Father sees everything and is grieved when He sees us secretly committing these sins.My wife Diana, as a teacher, constantly has to redirect teenagers at school who are pulling up inappropriate materials.Once on line one can get in and out quickly when your parents or your spouse leaves the room for a minute. We live in a world of High Speed Cyber Technology and the Internet is incredibly good but can also be incredibly evil.The statistics according to respected news and research organizations are staggering.Pornographic images create sexual arousal and alter the brain’s chemistry; this deeply etches the images into a person’s memory. The Brain has what are known as “engroves” little groves you can see under a microscope from your brain repeating a thought over and over.

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