Clooney dating fatima bhutto


While living in exile in Kabul, Afghanistan, Murtaza married a local woman, and in May 1982, Fatima, their only child, was born.

But the parents soon divorced but Bhutto traveled with her childfirst to Tripoli, then France and later Damascus.

It is too early to say if these elections will be a turning point in the life of Benazir Bhuttos niece who has made her name largely as a newspaper columnist (*) and author of two books of poetry.

Educated in New York and London, equally at home in the cultures of the East and West, her celebrity has grown to the point where she causes a stir wherever she surfaces.

The circumstances remain disputed - the police say Bhuttos bodyguards pulled guns on them, while survivors of the entourage claim it was a straight rub-out - but the result was a rift between Benazir and her niece, that lasted until the A few months earlier, when Benazir returned to Pakistan after many years of exile in London, Fatima had indignantly written: Ms Bhuttos political posturing is pure pantomime I am suspicious of her talk of securing peace.

Ever Since their first meeting at an international conference last year, Hollywood Heartthrob George Clooney and Journalist, Poet and activist Fatima Bhutto (niece of Benazir Bhutto the former slain Prime Minister of Pakistan) have been subject to a great deal of speculation and scrutiny in the International press.

Some sources even claimedthat the Film Star quickly fell for her.

She grew up basically as an itinerant exile always on the move, and constantly threatened of being targeted by agents of Pakistans security forces.

In Syria, her father remarried Ghinwa Itoui, a Lebanese ballet teacher, who truly substituted Fatimas real mother and became her political mentor.

In a country in a state of crisis - inflicted by religious fundamentalism, awash with factionalism and corruption and beset by economic collapse some expect Fatima to stand for office as other members of her family have in the past.

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