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If you simply want to get straight to the recommended phones, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

At under 0, the i Pod touch is essentially a phone-without-a-phone—it lets your kid do everything they want with a phone, without the monthly costs associated with cellular service.

Short conversations with parents on a basic phone, for safety or logistical uses, won't hurt anyone.

For longer conversations, get an inexpensive wired headset.

Google's Family Link software for Android 7 phones gives you activity reports and lets you set screen time limits as well.

There are some apps that are frequently used for cyberbullying, and should stay off of any child's phone.

Kids this young can't be trusted to hold onto a phone: they need simple, restricted-access devices that can't be lost and can only call their parents.

We prefer wristwatch devices over clip-style, as it's harder to lose them.

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Your carrier may have a good or convenient deal to add a line, which may also mean that you can get a phone on a monthly payment plan.These apps tend to change a lot, as each new cohort of kids finds something new.The general rule is that anything with a social aspect, or anything that allows public posting, is potentially dangerous.They can do everything a regular Android phone, just over Wi-Fi.Do not buy your child an expensive, high-end smartphone.School's almost out, and your child is undoubtedly begging for a phone to get them through the summer. If your kid wants to play games or watch videos on a personal device, but doesn't actually need cellular connectivity, we recommend the i Pod touch.

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