Caroline wozniacki dating andy murray

Aravane later filed a complaint against her father, for "harassment, intentional violence and death threats".

The world No 2 crushed Magdalena Rybarikova 6-3 6-0 in little over an hour on Rod Laver Arena.

A buzz is evident in this usually sleepy south-coast town, which this week has not only been blessed with a star cast but glorious sunshine as well.

There is not a ticket to be had for the remainder of the tournament, and already they are quickly being snapped up for next year’s edition.

Most cuttingly, critics say her father is a tough taskmaster who drives her too hard and makes her play too many tournaments. He realises that life is physically tough for his 21-year-old daughter and has advised her to retire by the time she reaches her mid-twenties. At the end of last year, when Caroline was still world No 1, Piotr finally stepped aside and she started working with a new coach, Ricardo Sanchez. By the beginning of February Piotr and Caroline were back together again, though she is also doing some work with the adidas team of coaches.Caroline Wozniacki's father and coach, Piotr, has grown used to the barbs. This is a heavy thing for a young person to do every day.Martina Hingis says his daughter needs to develop a more attacking game. If you have a job, of course it's better to work from nine till three in the afternoon rather than until eight in the evening." However, at a time when her boyfriend, Rory Mc Ilroy, tops the golf world rankings, Wozniacki has slipped from world No 1 at the start of the year to No 8, her lowest position for nearly three years.But the way she bounced back and put all of that energy, anxiety and tension back into her tennis, it's reaping so many benefits for her now. That three-year drought happens to coincide almost exactly with the length of her relationship with Mc Ilroy, but who's counting?"It's been a pretty up and down year for me," Wozniacki said after her quarterfinal victory, "and to be here in the semifinals of the U. Open once again is just an incredible feeling." Evert certainly understands Wozniacki's world, having dated Jimmy Connors in the 1970s while both were at the top of their games."For seven years, until the age of 14, Caroline played this way," he said, demonstrating a clumsy forehand. There is no chance you can change everything in one day." As for her passive game style, Piotr said Caroline was more of a big hitter in practice. "They've practised with her sometimes and said, 'What is this? ' Caroline is ready [to play this way], but this is only practice." Piotr thinks she can learn from Murray and Djokovic. Djokovic also played similarly to Caroline, but he's now a bit more aggressive, playing further inside the court. Djokovic is 24 today, but people were talking about him as a champion when he was 17." What specific changes could Caroline make? Caroline could play slice to change the rhythm of a rally, not just as a defensive shot. She can hit more of a kick second serve." Piotr defended his daughter's demanding schedule – only Marion Bartoli exceeded her total of 80 matches played last year – but admitted to one big mistake, when she played in Brussels the week before last year's French Open.

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