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At the height of Burma's influence and power in the 18th Century, Chiang Mai and much of the land of Lanna was held by the invaders for many years.

It was only by allying itself with other Thai states to the south that Lanna was eventually able to rid itself of the yoke of Burmese occupation.

Intricate woodcarvings and protective Naga serpent staircases add a flamboyance that reflects an awesome reverence for the Buddhist religion.

Gilded umbrellas, guardian figures from the tales of the Ramayana and stupas trimmed with gold filigree combine to heighten the overall built by King Mengrai at the site of Wiang Kum Karri (Goom Gaam), located just outside the city of Chiang Mai on the road to Lamphun (Lumpoon).

Enshrined in Wat Chiang Man is a tiny crystal Buddha called Phra Seh-Taang Kamanee. Another image, called Phra Sila Khao, reflects the fine workmanship of Indian craftsmen from thousands of years built in the city of Chiang Mai shortly after Wat Chiang Man was completed.The tree is inhabited by a guardian spirit known as "Prueksa Thevada", an all knowing sage.The Inthakhin Festival fertility rite lasting for 7 days takes place each year during the months of May or June.In 1454, and later reigning King Tilo-Garaj enlarged the chedi to a height of 86 meters.This temple is also home to the "Pillar of the City",a totem used in ancient Thai fertility rites, because the temple itself marks the exact center of Chiang Mai.To get there, turn right at the starting point for the number two yellow local bus 200 meters after the Mae Ping Police Station on Lamphun (Lumpoon) Road.

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