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Most broadband companies offer an unlimited data option, but few packages are truly unlimited as fair use policies will usually apply.Here are the pros and cons of unlimited data: It limits excessive data use, like file sharing or heavy film downloads, at peak times.Most suppliers will let you increase your data for an extra monthly cost if you are regularly reaching your limit.If you rarely reach your data limit, you should think about saving money by downgrading your package to one with a lower allowance.It’s an obvious point, but an important one nonetheless.There’s no point sticking your Home Hub in a free bit of floor space outside your kitchen, if your living room and bedrooms are on the opposite side of your house.

It is also a useful way to see if your broadband is being hijacked if unusually large amounts of data are being downloaded.

Some suppliers send you a warning email when you exceed your limit so that you can modify your usage.

However, others may not contact you until after the charges have been applied.

Here’s how you do it: Two BT Home Hub SSIDs will soon appear in the list of networks on your device, which will automatically connect to the 2.4GHz frequency.

If you have existing dual band devices you want to connect to 5GHz only, you'll need to hook them up to the 5GHz SSID that you've renamed.

It’s important to place it in the centre of your home, so it’s never too far away from any of your devices.

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