Bon jovi dating jennifer nettles

Born in Douglas, Georgia, on September 12, 1974, Jennifer Nettles performed with Soul Miner's Daughter and The Jennifer Nettles Band before forming Sugarland in 2003, with Kristen Hall and Kristian Bush.Nettles and Bush went on to considerable success, winning the 2009 Grammy Award for best country song and the Vocal Duo of the Year award from the Academy of Country Music.With this one, when Richie and I wrote it, we thought it would be a great idea if we could get on country radio but knew that the format was close to a rock band so we sought out the help of a country artist. And our record company suggested a brand new one and I said I'd like to have her fulfill three requirements. I have to like the songs that are on her forthcoming record. BON JOVI: Well, no there's ebbs and flows to any real career. If I perform as we will tonight for five people here, I want to be as good as I was last night in Miami, Florida and tomorrow night in Montreal, absolutely. " "Yes." Put a spotlight on them, yes, band kept playing. I stopped singing and the band kept playing and I really just soloed them out and I said, "Did you just ask her to marry you? Nettles broke new ground with the track, becoming the first woman to have written the ACM Song of the Year by herself.

We're not talking about one, two, five or ten year careers. I never missed a beat, you know, and when you do that in a stadium full of people, they know that you're paying attention to them and you can make a football stadium intimate. Scoring a huge hit with "Baby Girl," Sugarland was soon on their way to country music superstardom.The song tells the story of a young singer's journey to stardom through a series of letters to her parents.The album sold more than 314,000 copies in its first week of release, spurred on by the success of its first single, "All I Want to Do." Later in the year, Sugarland released a deluxe edition of the album, which featured a cover of the Dream Academy's "Life in a Northern Town." Sugarland recorded their version of this alternative rock classic live with some help from Little Big Town and Jake Owen.The track serves an example of Nettles' and Bush's diverse musical interests and influences.The trio decided to become a country band, hoping to break out of the small club circuit and make it big.

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