Auerbach software deployment updating and patching dec 2016


He holds active IT Certifications including the CISSP, CEH, ITIL Foundations, Security CE and Network CE.He can be found on Linked In, Google , and Twitter @Chrstphr Frtn.

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It creates a folder in Google Drive based off the text input of the photographer name and then uploads the user selected files.Christopher Furton is an Information Technology Professional with over 12 years in the industry. Over the years, Christopher has specialized in Cyber Security while working within the Department of the Defense and the United States Marine Corps.He attended The University of Michigan earning a B. His research topics include vulnerability management, cyber security governance, privacy, and cyber risk management.Veterans do come with many benefits, but more and more have lived complex and difficult lives as a result of service to our country.Veterans are not perfect and I doubt that anyone claims they should be.At this point, you may be asking yourself why I’m trying to convince you NOT to hire veterans! Instead, I urge hiring managers and human resource professionals to ask yourselves if you are doing everything to help THOSE veterans: that percentage of veterans who need an extended hand the most. Specifically, I’m referring to those invisible mental scars that may only be visible through unhealthy decisions and choices.

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