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-What are the positive and negative aspects of living in Brazil?The flat-out positives, aside from the aforementioned quality of life improvements and good-natured people, for me are: I love the tangible passion of the crowd at futebol match; the more efficient public transport; the climate; the flowers; the pink building that is home to Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana; the fruits and veggies, ok, and the churrasco too; the variety and vastness of the country…I am going to be in the same neighbourhood as you, well a bit north from you in Canela. I was just in Canela (1st time) this weekend and found it rather charming.Can you recommend any good schools of teaching portugeuse? If you have Facebook, you should join the "Foreigners in Porto Alegre" group - there's lots of useful information on the Discussion Board and plenty of new friends!At some point, I might move to Rio (my second choice), but I am content here for now.-Was it difficult for you to get medical insurance before you went there or when you first arrived? I capitalized on the great insurance I had through my former employer and had all of my physicals and foreseeables conducted before my departure. I am very careful when I cut fruit and cross the street.-How do you make your living in Brazil? I have been supplementing my savings with travel writing.

Of course it depends on one's living standards. I splurge on nights out with friends now and then, and I joined a club that has a pool, but otherwise I keep it simple.

I studied Portuguese with a wonderful Brazilian tutor for a couple years in Chicago and I used to try to read the local news online every day.

When I arrived, I had all this vocabulary and basic grammar rules floating around in my head, but putting it into practice has been another matter entirely.

Does anyone reading this want to hear my book proposal? -Do you speak Portuguese and do you think it's important to speak the local language?

I think it's very important to learn the local language.

That said, I have been welcomed by so many Brazilians—into their homes, to attend their weddings and parties, or just to engage in conversation at a bar.

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