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Maybe that is why prior to the television show he kept her hidden away from the public and her family.Maybe that is why she is visibly upset when she learns a state trooper wants to talk to her." It turns out the scene—which is no longer available online—in which state troopers speak to Ami Brown away from Billy, was a wellness check requested by her estranged family.Respondents were most familiar with "Deadliest Catch," with only 3 percent saying they'd never seen the show, while many readers hadn't watched "Alaska Wing Men" or "The Toughest Race on Earth: Iditarod." "I love this show and never miss it, although as a Valley resident I hate the way they always say "and in the crime-ridden Mat-Su Valley".This is a good place to raise a family, quit being so dramatic Nat Geo!

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This was followed with a series of disconcerting allegations about the state of Ami's marriage and overall happiness.If other beautiful women take an on-camera interest in the Brown men, we'll be sure to hit up IMDb just to be sure of their intentions.obtained a marriage certificate showing a then 16-year-old Brown as marrying a 17-year-old unnamed woman on October 23, 1969.While the Brown boys' romantic exploits are well-documented on the show—Noah's cringe-inducing dates and all—Bam has reportedly pursued his love live off camera as well, and with a show producer to boot.Bam announced his decision to take "a bit of shore leave" on the most recent season of the show in order to go out in the world and find someone to share his life with.Although Ami and Billy Brown claimed they hadn't heard from Byars in nearly 30 years, sources told that Billy had some contact with his daughter prior to the show.

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