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And it’s this interactive element that really accounts for Babestation’s success. For a price (and a maximum of 20 minutes), she can be, in inverted commas, “yours”.Hardcore rarely offers one-to-one connection with a friendly voice.During daytime – Ofcom again – it’s friendly chat, and nothing stronger.But from 10pm, the pouting becomes more concerted, and before long models’ breasts are revealed, usually one by one.And Babestation’s girls are certainly friendly, having been trained accordingly in the almost tantric art of sex talk.“The aim is to let the guy talk,” a Babestation employee tells me, “but if he doesn’t, the girl knows just how to fill the dead air.

The idea of then having a private photo, a memento, is a thrill.” After 20 minutes, the producers are done with their meeting and they drift down to the lower floors, where three channels (Babestation, Babestation Xtra and Babestation Blue — indistinguishable, content-wise) are being filmed.It can now boast “some of the UK’s hottest models, glamour girls, porn stars” and “just simply hot girls”.Last year, the photographer Bronia Stewart spent nine months behind the scenes for a series of photos that “challenged ideas about adult TV” and were exhibited at London’s Photographer’s Gallery.Right now, the biggest growth area in adult entertainment is in webcam performers.These models seldom try to disguise the fact they’re working from home. One of the biggest adult sites, and the 61st most popular site on the whole internet, is Live Jasmin.com: a live video service with 900,000 performers worldwide. Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up?

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